[CLOSED] Banned appeal DM advertising “tricked”

Data 10/30/2020

Username: Starwars_Beast2
Discord: TacticalFreedom89#1191
Ban reason: DM advertising I was tricked in to doing it, I will link the proof on the bottom.

Description hello I was recently banned from GAR for DM advertising and I know that you should not do it, but I was tricked in to doing it, I was getting tricked by this Robux scam, and I have the proof that I was tricked in to doing this terrible thing.

( Describe why you think we should unban you ) I think you should unbanned me because this was a mistake on my part and I was tricked by a scam, I hope you think about this and understand, hope I can see the amazing GAR Community again.

Hi there,

After several days of digging around, I have decided to unban you due to the sincerity of your apology and your maturity in handling the issue. Be aware that you are on thin ice, if you are discovered to repeat the offence, you will be banned without appeal.

Status: Accepted