[CLOSED] Ban from GAR discord server


Username: 24xVo1d
Discord: vs#6549
Discord Id: 86689548376997892
Reason of ban: I was banned for talking about OEs in public… I don’t understand why I was banned for that, but I never said anything that happened in the event. I was just answering someone’s question in the Q-A. I don’t really want to say some other stuff because I’m afraid I’ll get a bigger punishment, but if you want to know more DM me, “vs#6549”. Thank you.

Well, I’ve been in GAR for 2 years and I never knew I could be banned for that reason but absolutely no offense or hate to who banned me, I understand what I did and I don’t know what was so wrong about it but I now know not to do it again.

Hi there,

You would need to appeal in the RIPA server, attached below will be a link.