[CLOSED] Ban appeal. Please look here MikegamingYTW


Username: jeanmichei
Discord: Sergeant Hound#7296
Discord Id: 594248463492055050
Ban reason: Pinging the entire moderation team

So basically I’m like messung around with the ID pinging mechanic with role you know and I ping 41st and ARC (they don’t receive pings or anything it’s like a “fake ping”) and dumb me be like “oh ye let’s ping moderation team lmao” and so I do it and someone bans me and then I find out that it actually pinged them so I’m like oh s- and I’d like to be unbanned because it’s a dumb error that I won’t do again because I was planning on comming back to play with my new PC. I am really sorry for the trouble I caused and I’ll do my best to best to be more mature.

Thank you,

Hi there,

You’ve been unbanned. If this happens again, you’re gone for good.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: