[CLOSED] Ban appeal on discord


Username: ( Enriq-Jonsen )
Discord: ( Enriq-Jonsen#0946 )
Discord Id: ( 560175963091107921 )
Ban reason: ( Ad to bot pm )


( I think it’s at least like 6 months ago I have send here a ban appeal about my Discord account. I was sending some friends a group invitation to my Discord channel and accidentally send it to the Discord bot too, I got automatically banned from the GAR Discord, I would like to make now a new appeal, because it’s long ago I did the last one and want to understand why I don’t get a unban, it was a accident, I didn’t made a advertise to the Discord users or in a channel.)

Hi there,

Do not let this happen again. If this happens again, you won’t be let back into the community.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: