Username: 4kcrapp
Discord: π“Žπ“Šπ“€π‘œβ€™π“ˆ π“π‘œπ“‹π‘’π“‡ π’·π‘œπ“Ž#8177
Discord Id: 704472283938291772
Ban reason: I have made many ban appeals and I keep getting β€œwe dont have you in our system” but I just asked someone in game to add me on discord and invite me and this is what I get, β€œThe user is banned from this guild.” I did not do anything to get banned of that I know. Whoever reads this please respond with your discord and a way to fix this. I have been told Im not in the system too many times and I dont believe it now.



Hi there,

I’ve said this once before and I’ll say it a hundred times more if you continuously appeal with the same appeal. With everything you’ve given us right now, this is not something we can handle on our end, you are not banned from GAR. The current account ID you have: 704472283938291772 is not banned from GAR. To test that, I’ve banned that ID then unbanned it. If you are still banned, that means you are IP banned on another Discord account. It means you had an alt or someone in your family had an alt that was in GAR and it got banned. If you cannot give me this account, I cannot do anything for you. If you wish to test if you’re IP banned, all you have to do is create a new Discord account and try to join GAR through that Discord account. We cannot fix this because it’s literally an issue we can’t process on our end. If you have questions you can reach me on Discord at: MikegamingYTW#0438 however if you’re going to come into my DMs to ask me to fix an issue that we as mods literally cannot, I’ll give you the same exact answer I just typed out for you above.

Status: DENIED :x: