[CLOSED] Ban appeal from GAR

Username: Lucasrohde
Ban reason: Sexual, acts.

I want unban bc i love playing gar, and my adhd makes me do things i cant control, and i have played gar for 2 years. and date of ban: 13-07-2022 and i love playing gar with my friends, like killian, blade, spidy, amelka, and many more, so i wwould apriciate, if i get unban, and i used much money on the game too.
i know i did something very wrong, and i am working on not doing it, and after this ban, i learned that i get nothing good out of it, as i leernes my leasing too. I feel very bad og what i did, so i would ask for a 2nd chance, if i get the 2nd chance i will concentrate on not doing bad things, or breaking roblox ToS. If I get the 2nd chance, I will absolutely, not break any of roblox ToS, as I know what I did was very very wrong. I always use this game, as my main game to play, but as I got ban from gar, I don’t feel like playing it bc all my friends are gar, but even tho I don’t feel like playing it, I still play it. I again wanna say sorry, for what i did, i know its very wrong, and i Will legit do anything to get unban. i also rlly cried when i got ban, bc i want to play with my friennds, if i just could get 1 last chance, please. Again I know what I did was very very wrong, and I will like to make things good again, if I just could get a second chance.

Hey there.

After reviewing of the incident, I have decided to deny this appeal. You can appeal on a later date since the crime you committed is too severe.

  • Axel