[CLOSED] Ban appeal for power

Please can I have some power back

Username: Nickisamazing12890
Ban reason: “Off duty raiding”

I dropped some bombs because I saw other special forces doing it, so I thought it was ok.

I believe the ban was justified but I 179 power from it. I believe I should have lost power, but I lost 179 which I believe is way too much for something like this. I would be fine with 10 or 20 power taken away but 179? is way too much power lost for something like that. I would like to receive back egleast 100-150 power back because I think losing 179 power for something like that is way over the top. I didn’t know that off duty raiding was even a thing, so I didn’t know that you could get banned. I won’t do this again, but I don’t think I shouldn’t lose 179 power for this.

I am very sorry for doing this, but please can I have another chance, I promise i wont off duty raid again.

Hi there,

I am unable to do that.

I apologize if this was not the answer you were looking for.

Hopefully you take from this incident and consider it into future decisions.

Status: Denied :x: