[CLOSED] Ban appeal for NXAVERY formerly Avery luth

Username: (NXAVERY -Avery_luth)
Discord: (Averylu#0001|
Discord Id: ( 411753008993533953 )
Ban reason: High treason

Alright, buckle up this will be a long one. This happened nearly three years ago when I was previously in republic commandos. At the time, I was very young, 13. I was a member of the Omega squad in the division republic commandos. We had just received a new director, one that the former director had not chosen of the two candidates he had selected. The director that Highcommand chose at that point had been an officer for around two days, which pissed most of the commandos off as very few knew who this random commando was becoming a director. There was a string of mass quitting and retirements due to many of us taking this as pure corruption and free ranking. However, I chose to stay; the director (Emma), after the former Omega squad leader retired, went ahead and removed the entirety of Omega for little to no reason. This, in turn, pissed off the whole of former Omega and much of the former director’s office staff. She then free-ranked a random officer (Elise) to the rank of Omega niner. To Elise’s credit, he was a good enough officer. However, Emma then forbade anyone in the EST timezone from joining the Omega squad (Most of RC was EST), which sincerely pissed most of us off.
Around 3 of us were then discharged. However, we were asked back after she “forgot to tell us of a transfer” in which we would be transferred to Yaya. This pissed us even more, so the former Omega squad leader formed a group chat with most of the Omega and the former Deputy director. We invited Emma to the group chat; however, it was just for us all to talk and shit. I rejoined RC to get put into Yayax (she forgot to inform the previous Yayax Cov I was being put in.) We were both pissed with Emma, so we spoke with the RI director, UAV, who also was horrified by what had happened. Then RI began an investigation into RC, which went nowhere for around a month.
We eventually found out about a coup against the Cov squad leader (Muddyemperor.) So I understandable rushed into the server, took some screenshots, and then called in RI. Next, all those couplings were removed, banned, and demoted for High treason. I was associated with them, eventually being released for the same reason. I failed to see how attempting to stop a coup in progress is High treason when I assisted RI and RC by removing those who wished to draw one into a higher position of power.
I have long since learned from any mistakes I have made as I was pretty young, and I believe I acted too quickly and boldly in such a situation. I have since then learned from my mistakes and have become the 109th Commander. I have several alibis as well from the situation if you need them.

If you wish to DM me for additional proof and screenshots,s DM AveryLu#0001

(I would suggest dming me for ban ID)

well you must be a grandpa coruscant player lol

Back in those days we did not have 187th Barc Arc 104th 41st or 7th

104th had a spike of being 1 of the elitist divisions during 2021 because the commander would mass rule break now its almost the weakest division
just for you to know

Hi there,

After looking into this, you’ve already been appealed at the time of reading this. But I wish you the best of luck, and hope you enjoy our community once more after such a long break.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: