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[CLOSED] Ban appeal for my discord account :

Username: ( lorenzo280807 )
Discord: ( Stoomy )
Discord Id: ( 2232 )
Ban reason: ( DM advertisement )

Why have I gotten banned ? :

I do not really remember why, but if my memory serves me correctly, a moderator has banned me for DM advertising, and I accept it, I did do that action, but the reason I did that was because I created a server by myself and wanted to make advertisement for it by randomly going into people’s DMs and sending them the server link, I know, this sounds very dumb, and at that time, I probably had DMed one of your moderators and sended the advertisement to them by accident .

Why do I want to and why should I be unbanned from your server ? :

Like I said, it was completely by accident, but now that I have stopped this (which is since a very long time) , I wanted to apologise for my dumb acctions, PLUS, since I am a caporal rank on your game, I want to sometimes, have the chance to participate to trainings and have at least an access to your server. I like your game(s) a lot, and not having access to your discord server pains me a lot since I can not even have access to trainings or stuff like that, again, I am sorry for my actions and have read the rules of the discord server and WILL NOT do any forbidden actions again.

Sincerely -Lorenzo

Hi there,

There’s no history of you ever being banned in GAR for DM advertising. Only a ban for pinging the entire moderation team which has already been appealed.

Status: DENIED