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[CLOSED] Ban appeal for GAR Discord


Username: Blueswatgamer
Discord: Blues #0512
Discord Id: 544796342518677510
Ban reason: Posting NSFW in a GC.


Well this is my appeal for the GAR Discord, this story started when I was in a group chat with a few Retired members from GAR, I was just Posting random things and got out of hand, I didn’t mean to go this far, When I posted the Picture, I got snitched and got reported for sending NSFW, and I was really confused and concerned, how I got banned from something, it was off topic and no where near GAR, When I realized I was still talking to people that were from GAR, and I was really dumb, I didn’t know that I was not allowed to post NSFW in a group chat, I do apologize I would not do this mistake in the future, and I do wanna return to GAR, since the new upcoming updates and more interesting things to it, and returning to the community again, I do apologize for this action I have done. If I do break any rules, feel free to permanently ban me again.
I’ve been in GAR since early 2020, and stayed with this community for a year.
And for the past months after I got banned, I’ve started being changing myself for once, and start or restart a new genre. I’m sorry that I did this, I do promise about this.

[This happened on 4/13/21]

Hi there,

Posting NSFW anywhere is unacceptable. Due to the fact that you seem to lack basic awareness of what’s right and what’s wrong and “didn’t know that you were not allowed to post NSFW in a group chat,” I suggest you wait a couple of months before attempting to appeal again. This way, you’re able to reset your standards and familiarize yourself with what is proper behaviour in a group chat.

Status: DENIED :x: