[CLOSED] Ban Appeal for DM advertizing


Username: ( 0WENboom111 )
Discord: ( 0WENboom111#6947 )
Discord Id: ( 654500317081239582 )
Ban reason: ( DM advertising. )

Because i love gar,
Its the highlight of my day, i have been offline for quite some time but i wish to return, i did not know mass advertising was not allowed, mostly bc im retarded lmao, but i love gar, it matters alot to me and kept me going during dark times, don’t believe me, or do, but if you check my roblox pf you will see i have been in alot of divisions, if thats not enough, then gg, long live the republic, and i thank you all for your service.

:no_entry: Denied. Your punishment is too new.