[CLOSED] Ban appeal for dizajucapisa


Username: dizajucapisa
Ban reason: breaking tos racism


I was in an empty lobby with Streil who is also my personal friend (relative) and my other friend I was talking to told me to copy this and send it to chat (it was something racist) I thought roblox would censor it, the GT lobby was empty too. i didn’t do it on purpose, no one saw it, streil did the right thing and banned me for it. I didn’t do it with the intention of offending anyone and no one saw it except me and him. I thought it wouldn’t work and I would never say anything like that to anyone I know or don’t know. you can also ask Streil for his opinion and to confirm what I am saying.

( Describe why you think we should unban you )
I would like to be unbanned because I didn’t tell anyone and no one was there to see it, and I would never tell someone something so bad. and I’ve never done anything like this before.

Your appeal is denied.