[CLOSED] Ban appeal for discord


Username: (hacmansheriff)
Discord: ( #6126 )
Ban reason: (I got too many warnings)


I want to be unbanned from GAR discord as I have learnt my lesson and I won’t ever fiddle with anything not of my business (btw I was new to discord so I accidently rana few mod commands, srry)

Hi there,

After searching up your name in the Discord server, your username does not show up. Could your name possibly have been this: " T3rMl_n4t0r" while you were in the GAR server?

Status: PENDING :hourglass:


Yes, it was, now its changed, yes that was my name.

Yes, my name WAS T3rMl_n4t0r before I got banned.

Hello, I’ve been waiting from quite a while, are you there? @MikegamingYTW

Excuse me @MikegamingYTW , I have been waiting for the reply for a long ime.

You’ve been unbanned.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: