[CLOSED] Ban Appeal (3 Months Ago)


Username: RxNfulV
Ban reason: Exploiting in a Tryout


I would first of like to apologise about my previous appeal as I thought it had been a year+, I really did. I really apologize for my actions but I really want to get back into Coruscant and be able to play it as a normal GAR and hopefully get into a division soon. I regret my decisions and will never, ever exploit on premises of GAR or their allies. I find GAR really fun so please do unban me as I just wanted to enter a division really badly but then I couldn’t because I didn’t have good aim so I decided to exploit which wasn’t very logical and I really apologize for that.

Hi there,

At this time, I will be denying your appeal.

You are free to appeal in the future.

Status: Denied :x: