[CLOSED] Ban Appeal (2 Months Ago)


Username: ( ChronusAether)
Ban reason: ( Toxic Language and Toxic behaviour towards my fellow comrades )


2 months ago I had an incident where in 327th I was having an argument and lashed out on some of the members and said some stuff that I deeply do regret. I wasn’t in the right mind if state then, and I know that’s still not an excuse. So after 2 months of reflecting and thinking I would truly appreciate if I would be able to get a second chance. I never usually do this stuff I don’t know why I did it, but all I know is I regret it so I deeply ask if I may please have a 2nd chance. I was the former CL there yet in the matter of 5 minutes I distinguished my name and honor from everything I had worked so hard for, it is disgusting that I am even appealing this as I don’t deserve to come back to a division. But I am really asking for one last shot at being a better person, I beg of you to please help me show everyone that I am not that person.

Sincerely ChronusAether.

Hi there,

You are not banned from the discord nor are you community banned or in-game banned.

Hope this clarifies everything.