[CLOSED] Attempted Bribe


Reporter username: HamishStephen
Reported user: Ehsanp27Omran


This user attended a 104th battalion tryout that I supervised on the 3rd of July 2022. He offered robux in exchange of me making sure that he passed the tryout which is a breach of GAR laws. I did not reply to him, or accept any offer; instead I saw his removal from the tryout. This is the only evidence I have but should be sufficient enough.


reporting a person for making a joke good job @HamishStephen we can now see you can’t tell what sarcasm is.

Hi there,

At this time, I have taken the necessary actions and informed republic intelligence.

I thank you for your report as this contribution is what keeps our community thriving and safe.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: