[CLOSED] Appel for Bypass and Disrespect


Username: ( Zaxkzin )
Discord: ( Switch#5256 )
Discord Id: ( 726143263660048616 )
Ban reason: ( bypassing cursing and disrespect )


I bypassed cursing and disrespected hr

I have grown age and mentally and I have thought my place in gar I think I would love to rejoin and I am sincerely sorry for that and I won’t do it again.


Username: ( HonkExostylx)
Discord: ( GooseExostylx#7437 )
Discord Id: ( 770415514496270376 )
Ban reason: ( Toxicity and Disrespect )


I went into WreckerJr’s DM’s after he pinged everyone and I was already in a bad mood (not an excuse) and started complaining to him and disrespecting him and GAR. I am a changed man now and I miss GAR so much. I would never do something like that again and I can’t believe I was such an idiot to do something like that. Thank you.

Why reply to me bruh

Someone unban this man.

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience, at this time and after reviewing your appeal, I have decided to deny your appeal. This may be for one or more of the highlighted reasons,

  • Offenses committed are too severe for the ban to be revoked.
  • Invalid discord ID
  • Insincere Appeal
  • Appeal did not provide enough information regarding the ban reason(s)

Status: Denied :no_entry: