[CLOSED] Appeals Teamkill

Username: Tanklescash6812
Ban reason: They said I was a rogue 501st trooper… For team killing Two guys and killing A CG That had someone in cuffs I kill him Because I thought he was a raider but no in cuffs yes bye the cg.


I will Never Team Kill again I will never Team Kill the That Guy That was in cuffs, And I will just Never Team kill It was stupid of me I want to play gar Again With all the game pass’s I have


( Vouch from the officer if killed ) I dont know Who it was It was not a officer It was two troopers I dont know names tho,

Hi there,

I’m going to repeat what I said to you earlier.

Due to the fact that we have no proof of what you did, we cannot process your appeal. I suggest you go talk to 501st HICOM about this issue.

Status: DENIED :x: