[CLOSED] Appealing to have my power back


Username: PANDAOSCENIC0970
Ban reason: Alt account


Hi, Guys it’s me again. I already got unbanned but I feel that something is missing: I lost all my power. Not dispatch, in the appeal, told me that if I had some questions, I needed to ask them on discord. I asked him and after 20 days or so, he didn’t still answer. I asked other officers, they told me to contact an HiCom but none of them won’t answer. Here I am, I came here because I couldn’t talk with anyone. I spent a lot of hours gaining my power and a lot of effort. I hope that I will have my power back and that you will comprehend me. Thanks to everyone and sorry if I’m bothering you.


Due to the fact that you were rightfully banned, you will not be able to get your power points back.

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