[CLOSED] Appealing my ban


Breaking Roblox ToS with my actions and comments (Like samchu12 stated)
Username: AxyIusx.
Ban reason: Breaking Roblox ToS with my actions and comments.


I was in a 501st tryout and I started making mean comments to my CS such as, you are not a good host, you cannot host, you are doing bad in faces.

#Why we should unban you
I understand that I have broken the rules of GAR and Roblox and this is very severe and this appeal will probably not get accepted what I have done is probably irreversible as the damage has already been done. I am awaiting a friend request to my CS so I can apologize to him for my actions. The thought has been on my mind for the entire day, I really do feel sorry. If this appeal does not go through, let it be a sorry letter to my CS, please make sure he knows I’m sorry for my actions. Again, thank you for letting me join the GAR. My time here was fun, it really was. I got to know a few new people, have goals that I never really acomplished or even acomplish now that I’m banned, made a couple of GFX’s and been in the GAR for a while. Oh well, things come and go… Right? If I do get appealed, however, I will make sure I make it up to my CS and the 501st as I have put them in a bad name.

Thank you for this opportunity.


Hi there,

It doesn’t seem like you truly know why you were banned, so I have sent Samchu12, the officer who banned you your way to give a more detailed explanation so that you can better understand why he felt the need to take any actions.

For now your appeal will be denied.

Status: Denied :x: