[CLOSED] Appealing my ban

September 30th 2022.
Username: AxyIusx
Discord username: gabrieI#5630
Reason of Ban: Disrupting divisional GT/Insulting my CS.
Effects: I cannot access channels such as 'Recruitments, public, etc.

I am very sorry for my actions, I only thought this as a joke and I am very aware that this was taken too far, I should’ve not called my CS a terrible host and that he did not deserve the role. I am not proud of my actions and I should’ve realized how wrong this was. I should realize that the CS was trying their very hardest, If I do get unbanned however, my first action will go straight to the CS and apologize to him. I can’t imagine how he feels right now, and I wish he would know how sorry I feel right now. If you do not accept my apology, I understand and realize this is very severe and there is a very low chance this appeal will be accepted.

Thank you for this appeal chance, Howie.

Reviewing with HICOM.

Thank you so much:))

Hi there,

After reviewing your appeal it is clear you are not being honest at all regarding the reason for your ban.

You are free to appeal again in the future, but it won’t be accepted until the full truth is given and genuine sincerity is shown through your appeal.

Status: Denied :x: