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[CLOSED] Appealing High Treason Ban


Username: ( DevDelex )
Ban reason: ( Banned for starting a coupe and leaking ninja’s face.)


I was banned for starting a coupe from trying to remove a few HICOM from their positions. Because I was removed from my position, out of anger, I leaked a picture of Ninjaman9600 face on Discord. I’ve already formally apologized to him for that and do not plan on making any further mistakes. Ninja and I are on good terms, I’ve actually commissioned him to make some music for me.

I want to formally apologize for my mistake and I have matured since then. I was just mad because I lost my position and really didn’t care what would happen next. I was arrogant with the way I went about things and could have resolved it in a more professional way. Since I was banned two years ago, I’ve grown, evolved, and matured. I’m now a recognized developer, worked on many Star Wars projects and plan to continue to do so.

I hope to rejoin GAR to better the community, possibly work as a developer, and to rejoin my fellow brethren in 104th. Moving forward, I promise to not make any such actions in the future, let alone any at all. I plan to be positive within the community.

Hi there,

Leaking someone’s face and doxxing is strictly against Discord Community Guidelines and by extension Discord TOS. If even wish to have a chance at coming back, I suggest you obtain vouches from current members of GAR’s HICOM.

Status: DENIED :x: