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[CLOSED] Appealing for GAR discord un banned


Username: ( Ikingishmail )
Discord: ( Iśhÿ#7163 )
Discord Id: ( 780156778729963521 )
Ban reason: ( NSFW in #deleted-channel )


( I think I have little chance to join back due to the reason but ima try. I should be unbanned because that was a year ago. I changed my behavior and attitude. I posted NSFW because I was mad at someone in the GAR. I’m a changed person now and I want to get back on track and join the GAR again, maybe even join the 501st. I am really sorry for my actions too. )

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Hi there,

If you ever post NSFW again, I will make sure you never see the GAR community again. A mistake should not happen twice. Show me that you’ve changed. Don’t waste this chance.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: