[CLOSED] Appealing for a 100 Year Ban


Username: x_Zanotron
Ban reason: Bypassed Audio


First off, let me clarify that I was banned a while ago from the game, and never got around to doing it (personal reasons), so this is my first time appealing.

So basically, with Roblox removing all audio’s from the game, I lost a ton of amazing audios I would play with my friends. I was playing GAR and someone sends me song codes I could use. Now this was before I knew the audios could be bypassed with explicit content. So I used the codes I was given, cause I needed new audio codes, and one of them turns out to be a bass boosted bypassed song (screaming the Hard R Word). Even thought I quickly shut off the song, there was a GC right behind me, and he hits me with a 100 year ban!

I didn’t even play those audios on purpose. I’ve spent over 13K on GAR gamepass’ and have no intention to troll on a server I enjoy. I’ve bought some of the limited items that went off sale now (like the sleigh, Super blaster, and Santa morph) and it upsets me that I’m unable to use them. GAR is a ton of fun, and for me, the most enjoyable border game. This appeal matters to me because I love Star Wars, I love Roblox, my two favorite things together, and can’'t even play them because I’m banned.

I would really really appreciate it if I was able to be unbanned from the game. Why I think I should be unbanned from the game, is because I’ve devoted a lot of time and money into the game, and have a serious dedication to the game. Never random killed nor team killed, always respected higher authority, never helped raiders gain access into the city, or raided during a training session. This won’t happen again, because I have no intention to do something like this. He basically abused his admin perms and was unfair in banning me. If you want, I have screenshots to prove my point. I don’t troll and don’t want to. Please, can I be unbanned from GAR.

Thank you for reading my appeal
Have a good day

Hi there,

After some thought, I decided to accept your appeal and to unban you.

If you are found to have committed any offence in the future, you will not be unbanned again!

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark:

Have a nice day!