[CLOSED] Appealing again, this time i will try to make it more sincere


Username: wackyycool238
Ban reason: Threatening to leak a lot of things


I’m sincerely sorry for threatening to leak, I was in a bad place at the time, all my friends basically left me, I just got banned, and I was just generally mad at gar, so in my stupidity I threatened to leak classified material. in actuality I didn’t have much and all I really could leak was hearsay and I never had any proof to anything, but it was still stupid of me to threaten that. I’m incredibly sorry for threatening to leak, I wasn’t doing it to spite gar or anything its just I’ve heard lots of stuff that just felt wrong to me and that I kept to myself for too long, and had to share with someone. I did leak something, however the people I leaked it to had already known and told me it was common knowledge. regardless, I acted rashly and stupidly, I realize just how foolish I was. I’ve spent these last 4 months thinking about my actions and regretting every last bit of it. I miss my friends and the community, I just want to rejoin to say sorry to all of the people I’ve hurt and betrayed, I didn’t mean to cause any harm to anyone, but I realize just all the problems I’ve caused, and to the people I’ve harmed, I’m incredibly sorry. I will put the rest of my career in gar to fixing my relationships and to help gar instead of harm it, its truly an incredible group with an incredible community that I miss. I didn’t have any docs I could leak, I don’t know if there’s a log of who opens docs on the forum, but I hadn’t opened a single document aside from the cuff guide since somewhere around October I believe. The only thing I leaked was hearsay, I had no real legitimate proof to it aside from someone telling me its true. I’m sorry for threatening to leak, in my anger i acted rashly without proper thought and I said things that I should not have. Thank you for reading my appeal, and I sincerely hope you accept it.


Please email the HR mail [email protected]