[CLOSED] Appealing a Discord Ban

Roblox user : Pinoy_JC
Discord user : Pinoy_JC#0020 (I deleted since I got grounded for 1 month for getting banned from GAR so now i’m PKXDgamer3196#7779, I don’t know if I can still appeal if I create a new Discord account.
Discord ID : 1010629222114545705

Reason of getting banned

I have been permanent banned from GAR for Spamming and Advertising at the main chat. I did that because Coruscant Guards are arresting me for not being in a post, even i’m a Corporal. I got revenge to spam and self promoting my Discord Server from One_Together.

Reason to get unbanned :

After getting banned from GAR Discord Server for 1 month, I decided to come back to GAR after I learned my mistakes about Spamming and Advertising. I had already deleted my Discord Server since no members didn’t join. You SHOULD unban me from GAR Discord Server since I learned my mistakes. I will try hard and follow the orders from the High Ranks. I hope you read this, have a good day.

Hi there,

This is not where you appeal discord bans, do it in the appeal sections.