[CLOSED] Appeal - “Permanent Community Ban and a Discord ban from all V&K Communities.”


Username: Kipperdipp
Discord: Kipperdipp#1279
Ban reason: ROBLOX Community Rules article 4.2


Hello, I received a “Permanent Community Ban and a Discord ban from all V&K Communities.” It was issued by an officer with a Discord username of vicke#2418.

I was told that I broke TOS - ROBLOX Community Rules article 4.2

The statement that caused my ban was, “She looked 18,” according to vicke#2418. This is the context - I was raiding a division patrol and was sent to jail. When I was in my cell, I stated, “She looked 18.” I received the ban minutes later.

There are two reasons that I should not be banned. One - I was not doing “…any actions that could put children in inappropriate or dangerous situations,” according to ROBLOX Community Rules Article 4. The statement was vague and not targeted toward anyone. In addition, I was isolated in my jail cell, no one could see my message. ROBLOX Community Rules article 4.2 states, “Anything that sexualizes children.” I was not sexualizing children. The Officer interpreted my message as if I was sexualizing children. The statement “She looked 18” is meaningless in the right mind and it had no intent to ‘sexualize children.’

I was raiding a divisional patrol during the time. I believe that the officer who issued the ban has a personal vendetta against raiders. He used his power against me to ruin my experience.

I am a V&K Community fan. I have been playing GAR Coruscant since May 2020. I also play HRE - I was a Militia. I would love to continue to support the V&K Community, however, it seems that one person has taken that option away from me.

I hope that my appeal goes through. I meant no harm to anyone in the V&K Community. Thank you for reading this.



Due to your ban being an IAD ban, it is denied. If you still feel that your ban is unjustified, you may appeal at the HR e-mail, [email protected].

Appeal status: Denied :x: