[CLOSED] Appeal my ban in the game


Username: CerebralSider
Ban reason: Leaking old RI information


About a year and a half to 2 years ago I was banned from the discord as well as the game for leaking RI information. Since then, I’ve had time to reflect and change. I am no longer interested in joining the group, rather than at least be able to play the game again and use the money I’ve spent on game passes. It has been confirmed already that the information I’ve put out doesn’t represent current RI in any way, and is irrelevant. I believe after this time of not being associated with the community, and learning from this mistake I can at least have the chance to have my ban on the game appealed. I can understand never joining the GAR group again, but not being able to play the game for the next 100 years I think is unfair under the current circumstances. Thank you for your consideration.

Hi there,

There’s no coming back from leaking RI information. This is an espionage class offense and you can no longer be trusted in GAR.

Status: DENIED :x: