[CLOSED] Appeal mindaswdrules's teamkill ban


Username: ( Mindaswdrules)
Ban reason: ( Team KIll )


( It was an accident somebody used the force to move my teammates in front of me the information in the video that you need is between 36:49. I will upload the video to my youtube which is mindaswd. it is not letting me put in the file Apeal - YouTube ok there is the link to the video)

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I lost five power to this can i get that back

The ban is over, but I still want my power back. I had 46 before this happened and when i logged in i took this screen shot of my power. IT won’t let me attach it so I will put it in discord I will message NotDispatch because he is the one who said he would look over this when i asked him about it

Thank you for your appeal; your team-kill ban has expired though I’ve gone ahead and added the power you lost, back to your account.

  • For future reference, watch where you’re aiming before you fire your weapon; in this situation you should’ve terminated the raider afterward.

If there is any further issue with this please contact myself (NotDispatch#7958) via Discord, or submit another appeal.

Appeal Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: