[CLOSED] Appeal for tk(power taken)

I think I should get my power back because the tk was a mistake, I was killing a kos that was in the area where you let people trough the gate, while I was killing the kos with my lightsaber a few low health individuals went near him making me kill 3+ pepole with my lightsaber before the accident I was above 60 power and now I’m 54 power

Forgot to say my user is robloxmaster100093

i lost 5 power randomly as i accidentally killed a higher rank and got banned then im now a trooper my username is mcgriddlesnotmcdonal

Hi there,

Without any proof or any vouches I am unable to reimburse your power back.

As this report was 2 weeks ago, you should be unbanned and are free to join the game whenever you want.

Status: Denied :x: