[CLOSED] Appeal for the final time


Username: ( Your username ) cobrakaimarymouser
Discord: ( Your Discord tag ) cobrakaimarymouser 8098
Ban reason: ( Reason of the ban if known ) alt

Description I had a alt and I deleted it and I really really want to join back

( Describe why you think we should unban you ) because I am a SSGT and I want to be able to make it in a division and be like you guys and follow the rules and I really messed up and I am sorry so can you please allow me back in discord so I can become like you guys I love gar and you guys are my second family so please forgive me for having a alt I will do anything to be back in gar discord

Sincerely, xoxo

I am begging you to take me back in gar discord



I am once again denying this appeal as there was enough evidence to show that you are an alt. Constantly appealing for alt cases will not help you get back into the GAR Discord.

Status: Denied :x: