[CLOSED] Appeal for perm ban

Username: xXGolden_cow1537Xx
Discord: Swopo_Mopo#9104
ID: 618932831510331404
Ban reason: Posting a screenshot of someone saying a racial slur.

I posted a screenshot of someone who said the N-slur in a discord group I am in, posted it into the RC discord and now I am perm banned from GAR, I didn’t know that I wasn’t being smart and got banned the minute I posted it. I had no intent at all to be racist towards anybody, I treat everyone with the respect I would want from them. I love the GAR community, I play Coruscant almost everyday of the week, I love hanging out in-game and chatting with people. I will never make this mistake EVER again and I hope you can forgive me of my actions.

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Username: ( mikeynicky8 )
Discord: ( Commander Wolffe#8365 )
Discord Id: ( 915078741091315712 )
Ban reason: ( Posting fake tryouts )

( I will never do it again i just want to be in the discord to attend tryouts )

This has been sloved already. :white_check_mark: