[CLOSED] [Appeal for in game ban]

Data 7/4/2021

Username: Tact1ca1Reaxper (vanillaluca1234)
Ban reason: Saying things in-game to RI.


I do not want to try to appeal my discord ban yet, but I do want to return to the game. I believe I should be unbanned from the amazing game. I have done some stupid things in the past, I do have disabilities tho. I do take medication for these things to try to help it. This disability makes me not be able to focus properly and I make stupid decisions because of it. The reason I was banned in-game was because I said “I have RI documents” which is false as I do not have it, I just said it out of frustration and it was late at night. I have never gotten banned from the discord or game before, as I never broke any major offences. I have argued with a user before a long time ago but that was a minor. I love the game so much and it is my favorite so far, and I have spent a lot of time and money into it. I wish I could return in-game once again and have a fun time with my friends. I do apologies a real lot that I said those things to RI, and it will never again happen, I will always think before I say things, and I have learned from my mistake. I have been banned for months now. Please take this into consideration. I do promise to not do anything wrong again. You have my word. Thank you.


You are not ban anymore.