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[CLOSED] Appeal for Game ban for 100 years


Username: Alexyoutuberthebest
Ban reason: Hight treason ( I dont remember too good but what I remember is killing a divisional on inspections and later went were high ranks were postings and got killed so I shoot the HR who killed me later, dont remember if he died, and got 100 year banned).


I know I got denied because high treason cant be appeal but I dont think it was high treason and should not be 100 year ban. I just want to have a new chance on GAR and I promise I will not behave bad again on inspections. At that time I was new on the game, trooper and wasnt mature enough I was doing stupid things. Now I have grew older and thought about it and I promise it will not happen again. I beg you to get unbanned pls since it was my favourite roblox game and its been already more than a year and a half since I got banned and with the new map update I saw on discord makes me sad I will never be able to even see it.

Hi there,

Due to the fact that the individual who banned you is no longer in GAR and the fact that it’s been a year, I’ve decided to give you a 2nd chance. Don’t mess this up.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark:


Thank you so much mike.