[CLOSED] Appeal for discord ban


Username: ( slenderggUSA )
Discord: ( Interesting_eel#9455)
Discord Id: ( 830457315521331210 )
Ban reason: ( i was underaged )

( i think i should be unbanned is because im going to be 13 now and im not going to do anything stupid while being in the GAR server, and i want to join the division that i think will be the ghost company. and possibly make friends a place to grow and learn stuff I have never learned and actually have fun while doing something for a group that i like, please consider with all hopes and dreams. and if you dont trust me i can wait a couple months to prove it to you but please i want to be unbanned, Interesting_eel. )

its been almost two days why people have not yet responded to me yet…
please give me answers, im checking in for the 5 time.

Discord appeals aren’t being readed no idea why

this is annoying… i just want help why is it so hard

:x: Denied. If you can provide proof of you being the age, that would help your case. - exucuteF