[CLOSED] Appeal for community ban


Username: ( horee08 )
Ban reason: ( Making inappropriate jokes )

Description I got banned for making a few very bad jokes. I think I can be unbanned because I got the ban about 4 months ago. I am truly sorry about the jokes I made. I was being immature about the jokes I made it was wrong of me to even make those jokes. I have matured about the jokes I make now. I think you should have some sympathy for me like I said I’m truly sorry about my jokes. I really miss being with yawl I cant wait to play with yawl again. Good bye

( Describe why you think we should unban you )

Hi there,

At this time, I will be denying your appeal for re-admittance to the community.

I don’t believe you are sincere enough considering the gravity of your violation.

You are free to appeal again.

Status: Denied :x: