[CLOSED] Appeal for alt account


Username: ( PANDAOSCENIC0970 )
Ban reason: ( Alt account )


Hello guys, this is my third appeal for my ban from the GAR. I got banned because I had an alt account. Where with this account it wouldn’t let me enter in coruscant, I tried to get help from an officer ( DeltaEmpathy ) . I told him sincerely that it was an alt account to join another division. He banned me but I understand him: it’s the job of all the officers.

I admit that it is all my fault: I didn’t read the rules of GAR and I apologize to the people who did that. I admit also that i tried to get me unbanned by mentioning another person.

This week as an immigrant was pretty hard because I had no contact with my friends in 501st and also found out that raiding is pretty boring and in fact I helped GAR members to defeat raiders.

I missed a very important part of GAR: WreckerJnr who left and a lot of new members that joined 501st where I wanted to be friend with. Also missed the promotion of killiansaccount from dogma to company sergeant which was a friend of mine. In reality I miss a lot of friend who i don’t know if they left 501st.

I want to thank all the officers that helped me with doing this appeal and also the members of GAR and 501st who supported me along my ban.

Firstly I hope I will comeback in GAR and secondly in 501st, I hope you could give me a second chance and unban me.


Thank you for your appeal, at this time we’ve decided to accept your appeal and allow you to re-enter the Community; you may find the Discord link within the ROBLOX Group.

  • Please ensure your previous actions aren’t repeated whatsoever; if they are, you will most likely screw your chance to re-enter the Community once again.

If you have any issue with your ban and/or re-entering the Community, you may contact myself directly on Discord (NotDispatch#7958) and said issue will be resolved.

Appeal Status: Accepted :white_check_mark:


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Thanks, you made my day.

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