[CLOSED] Appeal for a perm ban by a bug


Username: ( fger321 )
Discord: ( naifer#7570 )
Discord Id: (957548020998733845 )
Ban reason: (banned for breaking constantly the rules but its not i got a bug that makes me always get a ban when i get 1 warning)

I should gey unban bc i got banned by a auto mod bug its work like this so i get 1 warning and then auto bot giving me like 10 violations and then i am getting banned and 5 times muted in one warning i had that bug a week ago but that was just 3 days ban so i didnt really care but now i got perm ban for getting 1 warning by auto mod i will send pic in discord bc i cant send pics here so dm me for the pics
I hope i dont get ignored like last time i applied and didnt got reply in 8 months


You are a user know for getting a lot of warnings, it is not a bug it is just due to how many warnings you have acquired while in the GAR discord due to your own mistakes. This means when you get another warning it adds to your total which is over the amount of warnings needed for a ban so if you do get a warning it bans you.

You will have to appeal again actually appealing for why you were actually banned, not blaming it on a bug.

Appeal Status: Denied :no_entry:

Due to this it is denied till you appeal again for the actual reason, breaking the rules constantly.