[CLOSED] Appeal for a false ban


Username: ( Dyna34561 )
Ban reason: ( Cheating at a training. )


( I should be unbanned because I never cheated or exploited, whatever the reason was I do not know how to exploit and I never would risk my account for that, I played GAR everyday and have numerous game passes within the game, I was just working my way up and when I attended a tryout they said “your not even in the group” and that’s when I figured out I was falsely terminated. I hope this can get resolved, thanks again.)

At this time, your appeal has been denied. If you’re unsure as to why your appeal has been denied, please review the below;

  • Lack of information in relation to your ban; you’re required to specify the situation further, alongside prove that you weren’t cheating within an official event.
  • Ban is quite recent, hence unless you can provide viable information, your ban won’t be lifted.

Appeal Status: Denied :x:


Where is the proof I was cheating?!? I don’t know how to prove I wasn’t cheating, you make no sense.