[CLOSED] Appeal for a Discord ban from almost a year ago

Username: KevinEcrux
Discord: KevinEcrux#2372
Discord Id: 674390664418557984
Ban reason: From what I remember I argued with a mod over a mute I received for pinging an HR.

Description: About a year ago I joined the GAR discord and about a week later I tried to DM a HR and they had their DMs turned off. So I pinged them in Discord without realizing it said to not ping them. A mod muted me (and rightfully so as I had broken a rule) I asked the mod why I was muted and I argued with him about how that was a dumb rule as you could now ever contact a HR if you needed to. After which I that rule was a b*tch, which I think the mod took as an offence to themself and banned me.

I sent a request for my appeal as I realize I should’ve paid more attention to the rules and I would like a second chance. I realize I was in the wrong and deserved to be muted but I think that the permanent ban was a bit much for what I did.



Considering your ban is 2 years old, I am going to unban you.

Your appeal has been accepted.