[CLOSED] Appeal ban for discord server -02b2c2


Username: 02b2c2
Discord: #7268
Discord Id: 962772556677525524
Ban reason: I think it was when roblox went down for Couple of days I got banned because I was talking in chat and used caps lock and didn’t notice Then I got banned, I am not sure if this is the reason.


I would like to be unbanned from the following reason, GAR was one of the fun games I have played in a while, I loved the community the admins all of that stuff, It was amazing until I got banned and I promise if I get back in ever That my behavior will be Spot on and Excellent. I am sorry to waste your time And I promise I will not let this happen again. I never got to progress in it So I would love to come back. Every day I would play this game all day, And would love it if I could come back Thank you for ur time and I promise to never do this act again.

Your Fellow Specialist, 02b2c2.

The system shows me that you are not banned.