[CLOSED] Appeal 3th time


Username: (M1KA_official )
Discord: (m1ka)
Discord Id: (m1ka_official )
Ban reason: (harassment )


I know my appeal was denied. I just want you to know that I left the raidgroup and when I send the hashtag. I instantly regretted it. I miss playing GAR, Attending trainings and just be a part of GAR… taking screenies and just have fun. I know I made a huge mistake and that it can’t be tolerated so I want to say sorry to Justin and every moderator. Please, please give me one more chance. I can’t enter the roblox group from GAR too nor the discord Vikings club nor the GAR discord. Please I beg you…… I love GAR. I have made a huge mistake, I left the raidgroup I just want a second chance like others. I have never been banned before, so it would be my last chance. Please…

( Describe why you think we should unban you )

Appeal Denied