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[CLOSED] Apel for G.A.R discorde (Yt video updated)

Username: ( energy_powwer )
Ban reason: ( Trying to dodge a ban on discord)


( When I tried to dodge the ban I had about 1 alternate account ( in the other apeal I sad 3 because was the nunber of the muts thet i hade it was an grammar erro, sorry), when this was noticed the moderators banned me from the GAR group, and now that I got older I could see how irresponsible and irrational my actions were. So I apologize and request a 2nd chance. Thank you for the patience.)

Proof Proof N* 18 (Discord exclusion acont. - YouTube

Correction this is to game and comunty no just to discorde.

Hi there,

You’ve been unbanned due to the fact that we believe you may do well with a 2nd chance and the fact that you had proof. Do not mess this up.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: