[CLOSED] Apartment SK Report


Reporter username: AIfLing
Reported user: Darkzuk007, Xopy360, badaboumbi


The Darkzun007 person literally sat here SKing me for a good 5-8 mins. Some others then joined in. (Added some humor for you poor admins trapped in here). I will take the 327th member up with their HiCOM personally.




Hi there,

Thank you for your report.

At this time I will only be taking actions against darkzun. The other users will not be dealt with as they did not truly terminate you; therefore, it would not be considered spawn killing.

I’d like to take the time to thank you for your contribution as it allows the community to grow and be an enjoyable experience for all.

Please also make sure you’re spelling the people you’d like to reports name right as it allows us to process reports more efficiently.

Status: Accepted✅