[CLOSED] Another report on a 501st rking


Reporter username: ( Justin_22211222 )
Reported user: ( Vegle_333 )


( RK’ed me, seriously, I didn’t even have a bounty, the 501st was just revenge killing. )


( https://medal.tv/games/roblox/clips/xnf5DuW8rozhA/d1337OgW8aBk?invite=cr-MSxSOUUsMTc5OTEwMTIs )

So sad, we can’t see how did you shoot me before i killed you. Turn a “proof” to your advantage is called making a false proof. You shooted me and being toxic toward me on discord. I have real proof.

It’s not “sad” it’s u rking. Respect the republic laws bro this isn’t a playground. You violated republic laws enjoy the ban.

I didn’t violated anything. I killed him because he killed me.

U did, u can’t kill them it’s rk doesn’t matter if they killed you before bro. What do u not understand

image @Rares

Anything to add ? And who are you, between ?

I see but u still sked :confused: plus u know it’s rk since he did respawn and u killed

He didn’t respawned. I have a rec to prove it.

My CC is already watching my rec for the “SK”.

But i think that you have proof where we see him respawn after killed me.

Please show any additional clips you have before I take any actions.