[CLOSED] An scammer tries to Impersonate rainy and trying to get people there emails

Username: Lolmwean
Discord: lolmwean#9500
Discord Id: 782427250422448129
Ban reason: Impersonating rainy and trying to get people there emails.

I was on a patrol when I got an message from rainy (the fake one) he said this:

Hello we just detected that you alting in Grand Army Republic !! And our managment starting to get any answers / appeals from you that made us to don’t ban you , let you know if you just answer for this message too late you going to be banned and it will be unableappeal and you cannot to unban it Soo when you here just reply to this message with am here sir and we will start with the instructions let you know that you should trust us fully trust for make sure that you aren’t alting !!

Because he wasn’t in the CG discord (I am in CG) I knew he wasn’t the real one. Because of the fear of getting banned was high I wasn’t paying attention to his grammar what another thing was. But when I needed to verify mine email his IP was at Israël not really an place to set you’re VPN at.

I made two videos just to not show mine passwords to the internet.
Can an HICOM dm/ping me so I can screenshare or send this videos that I made can share.
The video is .mkv

Have an nice day,

PS. I don’t want dms from non HICOM and Officers about this.

Hi there,

This is not the place to report issues like that, instead, DM a discord moderator.

Additionally, the user has already been dealt with earlier by a moderator.

Status: Denied :x:

Stay safe and don’t click on any unsafe links!


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