[CLOSED] Alt account ban appeal


Username: ( Rulerof_awesom. )
Ban reason: ( Alt Account)


I just want to say I am sorry for what I’ve done in attending a tryout with a young account age. It will never happen again, I can assure you that. I was banned from attending a tryout with a young account age 2 years ago, and I was wrong about that. My sincerest apologies for my wrongdoing. The action I did was wrong and I have no defense for it. I will make sure to follow the rules next time. May I please be reconsidered to re-enter the community and be able to join divisions? Thanks.


Thank you for your appeal, though at this time I’m unable to accept it; if you’re unsure as to why your appeal has been denied, please review the below;

  • You’re required to state your main account, alongside alternative account (which is which), without this information I’m unable to properly deal with your appeal.
  • Lack of information; you need to be a tad more specific as to what occurred at the time of your ban alongside why you decided to utilise an alternative account.

If you wish to re-appeal, please take into consideration what is stated above; if you’re able to re-appeal with the aforementioned information included, your appeal will have an increased chance of being accepted.

Appeal Status: Denied :x: