[CLOSED] Alt account ban appeal


Username: ( zhykart )
Ban reason: ( Alt account )


Hello guys, this is my appeal for my GAR ban. I was banned because: I had an alternate account. Sorry for my mistake that it’s all my fault: I didn’t read the GAR rules and I apologize to the people who did. I also admit that I tried to unban me by mentioning another person.

I want to be a GAR warrior, trying to protect Coruscant, but I admitted that it was wrong to be a raider, I admitted that using alternative accounts is forbidden and stupid, and I know that I will have to level up again, but this is not a problem.

In general I miss all my friends who are from the GAR or from another division, I know I missed a lot of promotions, missed a lot of events all week for an immigrant.

I want to thank all the officers who helped me with this appeal, as well as the members of the GAR and other divisions who supported me during the ban.

I hope to return to the GAR to my homeland.


This is your once chance do not mess it up. - howardistoogood

Feel free to pend the group.