[CLOSED] Alt Account ban appeal (pt 2)

Username: ( Rulerof_awesom )
Ban reason: ( Alt Account. )

I just want to say I am sorry for what I’ve done in attending a tryout with a young account age. It will never happen again, I can assure you that. I was banned from attending a tryout with a young account age 2 years ago, and I was wrong about that. My sincerest apologies for my wrongdoing. The action I did was wrong and I have no defense for it. I will make sure to follow the rules next time. May I please be reconsidered to re-enter the community and be able to join divisions? Thanks.
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To elaborate, my account was banned because they thought I was an alt due to my young account age. I never used an alt, it is my main that is banned. What happened was I made the tryout, but in the end the host forgot to do background checks and checked my account age later and I was kicked. The host name was IMarshmelloI. I hope this helps you understand better, thanks.


Hi there,

You would not be community banned for the reason of having an “Alt Account” just because your account age is on the newer side.

It doesn’t make sense and it is clear you are not being honest and for that reason your appeal is denied and will stay denied.

Status: Denied :x: