[CLOSED] Afk trooper who was unable to be killed


Reporter username: ( Goldfishbowl4 )
Reported user: ( Thebossdj124567 )


I had asked the trooper the question of being afk, so without a response, I took a picture and tried to kill him with the golden blaster, without luck. I then tried using the shotgun, again without luck. I got a SF to try and kill him with his lightsaber’s, once again without luck. I continued trying for a further 5 minutes.


You need at least 2 different pictures that are 10 minutes apart to show actual proof that he’s AFK farming.

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When a player is AFK at spawn without moving or taking everything out equipping anything from their inventory, then they will be invincible, it’s to try to stop SKing.

Hi there,

They are unable to be killed since they haven’t moved since they spawned.